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Nutragreenlife Biotechnology Co.,ltd.

Nutragreenlife Biotechnology Co.,ltd., a branch of Greenlife Biotechnology Co.,ltd, was set up in 2011, is a manufacture to produce plant extract & fruit powder and trade sport supplement.Nutragreenlife Biotechnology Co.,ltd

Technical Support

Based on our knowledge of botanical extract, we can provide the extracts specification service depend on your target market and a variety of common extracts specification is provided for your choice,while customized products will be provided after checking with our technology department.

Technical support


Tractability System

We have established a tractability system to ensure the products and its documents, such as raw materials,processing data,test report etc., can be traced by its batch number ,this system have a strict purchasing policy to ensuring the highest quality genuine raw materials warehousing, which guarantees consistent quality,and it is also have a documents control procedures to ensure proper products is shipped to meet your unique needs,and its accurate data enable us to provided the qualified products to our clients or promptly feedback to customers' claims.Traceability


The two factory’s capacity  is 800MT/year,3000 ㎡/factory , located in Jingjiahe Village,Biaoji Town,Fengxiang Country,Baoji City,Shaanxi,China.

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Application Field

Our product is well serviced in the pharmaceutical,healthy supplement and cosmetic industries,and natural specialty ingredients solution is provided to serve our client’s requirement.

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CPHI Exhibition

Nutragreenlife Biotechnology Co.Ltd. attened CPHI Exhibition.CPHI Exhibition