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Bupleurum Chinense

Bupleurum Chinense
1. Product Name: Bupleurum Chinense
2. Appearance: Brown piece
3. Used Part: Root
4. Packaging: Woven Bag
5. MOQ: 50kg
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Product Details

Bupleurum Chinense may reduce the symptoms of various types of hepatitis and AIDS, but it may also increase the risk of liver damage.

Bupleurum chinense has traditional Chinese medicine for liver protection, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic and immunomodulatory effects.

If you do not have a prescription from a Chinese medicine practitioner, you should not use this formula. It should not be taken for a long time and may cause headaches, dizziness and bleeding gums. Bupleurum may slightly reduce white blood cell count.


For cold and fever, chills and fever, malaria, S ternocostal pain, irregular menstruation.Has a solution form antipyretic, relieving the depress ed liver

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