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Enzymolysis Oat Powder

Enzymolysis Oat Powder
1. Latin Name: Avena Sativa L.
2. Appearance: White or light brown powder
3. Specification: 5:1 10:1 20:1
4. CAS No.: 9051-97-2
5. Packaging: Drum
6. MOQ: 25KG
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Product Details

Enzymolysis oat milk powder can provide creamy mouth feel and smooth texture after rehydration as a powerful emulsion stabilizer and viscosity modifier.
Produced by the specific enzymatic hydrolysis and spray drying technology.
Retains all the soluble nutrients of oats, such as high-quality plant protein, fat, soluble dietary fiber.
Soluble and stable, good resistance to acid and heat treatment.


1.Enzymolysis oat powder has effect on constipation.

2.Enzymolysis oat powder can increase bone calcium absorption.

3.Enzymolysis oat powder can effectively care hair to make hair smoothly.

4.Enzymolysis oat powder has excellent moisture effect, to hold skin full water.

5.Enzymolysis oat powder can prevent atherosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease

6.Enzymolysis oat powder also has anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing function, improve skin smoothness and elasticity



1.Applied in food field, green oat powder can be used to preventing atherosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease;

2.Applied in health product field, green oat powder is used as raw material added into health product;

3.Applied in cosmetic field, green oat powder has excellent moisture effect, to hold skin full water.

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