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1. Cas No.: 97-53-0
2. Used Part: Flower
3. Purity: 98%
4. Appearance: Colourless to faintly yellow oil
5. Package: Platci drum98%
6. Shelf Life: 2 Years
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Product Details

Eugenol is sometimes called clove oil because it is the active element in cloves. It causes the aromatic smell typical of cloves and because of this property is often found in perfumes, soap flavorings, essential oils. In terms of medicine, it helps to reduce blood pressure and dental problems as well. In addition, eugenol is a key ingredient in Indonesian kretek (clove) cigarettes. 

Eugenol detailed image

Product Introduction

Product NameEugenol
Used PartFlower
Cas No.97-53-0
AppearanceColourless to faintly yellow oil
PackagingPlastic drum
Shelf Life2 Years


AppearanceColourless to faintly yellow oilComplies
ScentAromas of clovesComplies
Acid Value≤1.00.53
Refravtive index(20℃)1.5400-1.54201.5408
Arsenic (As) Content≤0.0003% 0.00015%
Solubility1 ml volume sample dissolve in 2 ml volume of ethanol 70%(v/v)Complies
Main IngredientsEugenolComplies


1. Antibacterial, falling blood pressure
2. Used for dental caries, both local and corrosion protection
3. Treatged ad cosmetics essence and soap flavor formula
4. Edible essence deployment

Eugenol function


1. Applied in cosmetic field

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field

Eugenol application

Packaging & Delivery

1-5kgMore than 25kg
packed in an aluminum foil bag inside and paper carton outsidepacked in paper drum
Custom Design
Shelf LifeTwo years when properly store

Storage: Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat

Nutragreenlife package

Shipping Terms
By ExpressBy AirBy Sea
Suitable for under 50kg

Fast: 3-7 days

High cost

Door to door service

Easy to pick up the goods

Suitable for more than 50kg

Fast: 3-7 days

High cost

Port to port service

Professional broker needed

Suitable for more than 50kg

Fast: 3-7 days

Low cost

Port to port service

Professional broker needed

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