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Extracts From Pueraria

Extracts From Pueraria
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[Plant Morphology] Perennial deciduous vine, up to 10m long, with entire plant covered with tawny coarse hairs. The root tuber is cylindrical, thick, with grayish yellow skin, silty inside and very fibrous. Flowering period may-September, fruit period August-October. It was born on the hillside, grass, roadside and in shady and wet places in sparse forests. 

[Origin] Pueraria lobata from Japan is mainly produced in Nagano and Gifu counties. China is produced in Hunan, Henan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Taiwan and other provinces. South Korea also produces it.Processing Method and Chemical Composition

 [Processing Method] Picking and digging in spring and autumn, cleaning, removing skin, slicing, sun drying or oven drying. Sun should be turned frequently to prevent rain and night dew, so as to avoid mildew. 

[Chemical Composition] Its root contains a variety of flavonoids. The main active components are daidzin, daidzin, puerarin, Puerarin -7- Xyloside, etc. Puerarin is an extract of Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi, with a different name puerarin, molecular formula c21h20o9, molecular weight 416.37, and white needle crystal in methanol-acetic acid. Does Pueraria lobata total isoflavone increase coronary artery blood flow and reduce myocardial oxygen consumption? The amount of soybean protein is similar to papaverine. The purity of puerarin flavone is more than 97%, and the purity of puerarin is improved to more than 98%.

he main functions are relieving muscle and fever, promoting fluid production, promoting eruption, invigorating yang and relieving diarrhea. It can be used for treating exopathic fever, headache, thirst, diabetes, measles, dysentery, and diarrhea. Hypertension, neck pain.

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