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Giant Knotweed Extract

Giant Knotweed Extract
[Product name]: Giant Knotweed Extract
[Chinese name]: Resveratrol
[CAS NO]: 501-36-0
[alias]: Polygonum cuspidatum
[chemical name]: (E) - 5 - [2 - (4-hydroxyphenyl) - vinyl] - 1,3-hydroquinon
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Product Details

[source of product]: dried rhizome of Polygonaceae perennial shrubby herb Polygonum cuspidatum Zucc. In Polygonaceae; Veratrum grandiflorum in Liliaceae

[product appearance]: light yellow white powder

[pharmacological action]:Resveratrol is antibacterial, anti-virus, anti-tumor, anti hepatitis, inhibition of platelet aggregation and production of thromboxane B2. Resveratrol can prevent the oxidation of LDL, and has the potential of preventing and treating cardiovascular disease, cancer, antiviral and immunomodulatory effects.

[clinical application]: it is used for acute icteric infectious hepatitis, blood stasis and amenorrhea, rheumatic joint pain, muscle and bone pain, sand drench, blood drench, tracheitis, damp heat type gallstone disease; it is used for high blood cholesterol and triglyceride; it is used for anti-oxidation and anti-aging, and it is the raw material for the development of anti-tumor drugs. A kind of
[application dosage form]: suppository, lotion, injection, tablet, capsule, etc.

[product preservation]: keep it in a cool, dry place away from light and high temperature. [shelf life]: two years


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