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Millennium ginseng—Pueraria

May 29, 2020

In China, Pueraria has the reputation of "thousand year ginseng";

Pueraria is rich in puerarin, daidzein, arachidonin, protein, amino acid and other nutrients, but also rich in calcium, iron, copper, selenium and other minerals. It not only has the effect of nutrition and health care, but also has a very prominent medicinal value. It is a tonic for all ages.


From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Pueraria has sweet and pungent taste, fresh and fragrant Qi, cool nature, which mainly enters the spleen and stomach channels, and has the effect of releasing the muscle, promoting the yang to penetrate the rash, relieving the heat and promoting the body fluid. It is mainly used to treat external fever, strong head pain, poor measles penetration, warm disease, thirst, thirst, alcohol poisoning, chest pain and other diseases.


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