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Oat Milk Powder More And More Attention

May 27, 2020

Nutragreenlife is a manufacturer of plant extracts, fruit powder and sports nutrition. Recently, the attention of the United States and Canada, many companies began to join the ranks of oatmeal. The nutritional design of enzymolysis oat flour conforms to the recommended proportion of dietary nutrients for Chinese residents; this product is 100% all natural nutrients, rich in water-soluble dietary fiber, a large number of unsaturated fatty acids, rich in calcium sources. Regular consumption can reduce blood cholesterol, control blood sugar, improve constipation, and prevent osteoporosis. This kind of nutrition design is very targeted for the rich and noble disease in modern cities, and is very suitable for white-collar workers in cities. The problem of starch aging during shelf life is effectively postponed. After liquefaction of starch, maltose, glucose and oligosaccharides are converted into starch, which avoids the problem of starch aging during shelf life, so that the shelf life of products can reach more than 6 months, making the industrialization of oats with longer shelf life more feasible, and solves the problem of oat flour solubility.


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