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Therapeutic effect of pueraria powder

Jun 04, 2020

In modern medical research, puerarin has anti-cancer and estrogen like effects, which can promote the beauty of women, especially for middle-aged women and menopausal women.


(1) The chest gradually increases. The fullness and straightness of the breast can promote the development and fullness of the breast to the greatest extent within the elastic limit, but it does not make the body fat or rebound, and the lobular hyperplasia can be improved.

(2) The original chloasma decreased, disappeared and the acne disappeared obviously.

(3) Menstruation is not adjusted to be improved, women's menstruation after the ring dripping phenomenon has been significantly improved, leucorrhea change is very clear.

(4) Palpitation, hot flashes, irritability and other symptoms were significantly improved.

(5) Constipation and insomnia were improved significantly.

(6) If there is an inflammation in the corner of the mouth, it's OK to eat two bags.

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