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What are the uses of Oat milk powder

Jun 02, 2020

With the development of economy and society, people pay more and more attention to health, so oatmeal has become one of the essential products in people's life.



Oat beverage: there are fermented beverage, such as oat biological milk, non fermented beverage, such as oat fiber beverage and oat tea. Oatmeal drinks produced in Europe, America and other countries have high market prices and high consumer awareness. Although there are such products in China, the market share is quite low, only in the initial stage, so the development of oatmeal health drink should be promising.

Functional food: oat functional food mainly refers to products containing oat bran, oat β - glucan, oat oil and other functional raw materials or factors. Oat β - glucan, oat oil and oat protein have been industrialized. Oatmeal oil can be directly made into rubber balls, and oatmeal dietary fiber can be added to Western sausage, hamburger and other meat products as food base materials to increase the water holding capacity of meat products. Oatmeal fiber is also used as the base material to make chewing tablets.

Cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry: due to the good moisturizing effect of dextran, oatmeal dextran has been replaced by hyaluronic acid commonly used in cosmetics in the United States. Oat starch, with its unusual gel properties and delicate and soft powder properties, has been used to produce face powder, bath solution and eye shadow. Oat protein can replace animal protein, and it is a good vaccine medium and pesticide release agent.

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