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L-aspartic Acid

L-aspartic Acid

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L-aspartic Acid 1


Commodity nameL-Aspartic acid
AppearanceOdorless to white crystal powder, it is not essential human body amino acid. The natural l-aspartic acid exists in kinds of Zoology and botany protein, high quantity contained in beet's treacle.
SpecificationAJI97 /FCCV /USP30
L-Aspartic acid
DL-aspartic acid
D-aspartic acid
Sodium L-aspartate
Potassium L-aspartate
Magnesium L-aspartate
Calcium L-aspartate
Sodium DL-aspartate
Potassium DL-aspartate
Magnesium DL-aspartate
Calcium DL-aspartate
Molecular FormulaC4H7NO4
Molecular Weight133.10
CAS No56-84-8


Product nameL-aspartic acid
UsageL—Aspartic acid is a kind of important natural amino acid. Industry it is mainly used as heart disease medicine, liver function accelerant, ammonia antidote, fatigue eliminating medicament and one component of amino acid transfusion. It can be used as biologic and chemic reagent, culture medium and organic synthesized intermediate. Or used as fresh agent of food, material of APM, and nutritional supplement in beverage.

Dosage200mg/per day

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