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1. Cas No.: 797-63-7
2. Appearance: White crystalline powder
3. Molecular Formula: C21H28O2
4. Molecular Weight: 312.45
5. Packaging: Drum
6. MOQ: 25KG
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Molecular Formula:C21H28O2

Molecular Weight:312.45

CAS Number:797-63-7


Levonorgestrel is a medicine which is used in emergency hormonal contraception. Levonorgestrel is a hormone which is similar to the hormoneprogesterone that is produced by the body. It is used as emergency contraception to prevent a pregnancy after unprotected sex or after failure of a contraceptive method. It is thought to work by preventing the release of eggs from the ovary and preventing the sperm from penetrating an egg. It may also change the lining of the uterus which makes it difficult for an egg to develop.

DescriptionWhite or practically white crystalline powderWhite crystalline powder
Specific Rotation30°~-35°32°
Melting Range232~239°C, and melting range is not more then 4°C234~238°C
identificationIt complies with the test for specific optical rotation and melting pointConforms

Infrared absorption spectrophotometry should be consistent with levonorgestrel CRSConforms
Loss on drying≤0.5%0.20%
Residue on ignition≤0.3%0.07%
Limit of Ethynyl Group7.81%~8.18%7.92%
Related substancesSingle impurity ≤0.5%single impurity<0.5%

Total Impurities ≤2.0%Total impurities<2.0%
Organic Volatile impurtiesEthanol ≤5000ppm1200ppm
AssayThe product complies with specification in USP34
Particle SizeD(0.9)<10μm
Storage ConditionSealed, protect from light


1-Applied in pharmaceutical field, Levonorgestrel can be used as an active ingredient in some hormonal contraceptives, including combined oral contraceptive pills, progestogen only pills, emergency contraceptive pills, intrauterine systems and contraceptive implants;

2- Levonorgestrel is safe, tolerated and effective in emergency contraception in woman;

3-Levonorgestrel also can be used for the treatment of menopausal and postmenopausal disorders and alone or in combination with other hormones as an oral contraceptive.

Main Function

1-Levonorgestrel is used for the treatment of menopausal;

2-Levonorgestrel can be used to treat postmenopausal disorders alone or in combination with other hormones as an oral contraceptive;

3-Levonorgestrel can bind to the progesterone and estrogen receptors;

4-Levonorgestrel is a progestin or a synthetic form of the naturally occurring female sex hormone, progesterone;

5-It can be used for abnormal menstruation, uterine bleeding, functional of endometriosis etc.

Packaging & Shipping

Package: 25kgs/drum, plastic-bag inside, aluminum foil bag or fiber drum outside.

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