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Oil Lycopene Syrup

Oil Lycopene Syrup

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Assay by HPLC≥10.0 %10.03%
Extract solventAlcoholAlcohol
Heavy metal≤10ppmComplies
Residual organic solventEur.pharmComplies
Microbiological control

Total plate count≤1000cfu/ gComplies
Yeast & mold≤100cfu/ gComplies
StorageCool & dry place, Do not freeze.   Keep away from strong light and heat.
Shelf2 year when properly stored.


Product nameOil Lycopene Syrup
Usage(1) It has effect like resisting cancer, decreasing tumor, slowing down the speed of the proliferation of tumor. Especially it has better preventive and inhibitory effect on prostate cancer, uterine cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, and buccal cancer.
(2) It has effect of regulating blood lipid. Its stronger antioxidant action can prevent the LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol being destroyed by oxidation, which can alleviate atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease symptoms.
(3) Anti-radiation. Prevent skin being damaged by ultraviolet radiation.
(4) Anti-aging. Enhance human immunity.
(5) Protecting cardiovascular system and preventing getting heart disease.


Oil Lycopene Syrup is a natural pigment contained in plants. It is mainly found in the mature fruits of tomato plants of the Solanaceae family. It is one of the strongest antioxidants currently found in plants in nature. Science has proven that singlet oxygen and oxygen free radicals in the human body are the main culprit in the body's own immune system. Lycopene scavenges free radicals far more than other carotenoids and vitamin E, and its quenching singlet oxygen rate constant is 100 times that of vitamin E. It can effectively prevent various diseases caused by aging and decreased immunity. Therefore, it has attracted the attention of experts from all over the world.

Suitable people

Lycopene is a kind of carotenoid. It is called "lycopene" because it was first isolated from tomato. The antioxidant capacity of lycopene is 3.2 times that of carotene, 100 times that of vitamin E. The human body can't make lycopene. It needs to be taken from the diet. Eating a raw tomato can only absorb 0.05 mg of lycopene.

Prostate disease, cancer patients;

Living in areas with serious environmental pollution;

a group of middle-aged and elderly people with low immunity;

Antioxidant, need to delay the aging.

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