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Peru Maca Powder

Peru Maca Powder

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Peru Maca Powder's unique and rich phytochemicals and bioactive substances for human health, reproduction, anti-aging, life-giving, provide a scientific basis for Maca's health and pharmacological effects on humans. Based on the research results of scientists for decades, it has been found that maca contains a variety of alkaloid active ingredients, glucosinolates, sterols, various amino acids and active secondary metabolites that have special physiological functions for human health.

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1. Aphrodisiac

Maca has always been the best choice for male impotence. Many men take Maka powder in order to invigorate the kidney and enhance male dignity. 

2. improve physical fitness

Maca powder can also improve the physical fitness of the eater, thereby reducing the occurrence of physical fatigue. On the other hand, when you are tired of work, taking Maka powder can improve your spirits, thus speeding up your work efficiency.
3. Improving menopausal symptoms
Makapin can also improve women's menopausal symptoms, alleviate emotional irritability, and thus away from the trouble of disease.

Macaine and macamide of Maca powder have good effects on regulating hormone secretion. They are the first choice for people in sub-health status to alleviate menopausal syndrome, improve sub-health status, and improve gynecological inflammation.

The most valuable effects of Macaine and Macamide are to maintain the dynamic balance of human hormone secretion, which has a very good effect on improving human sexual dysfunction. The alkaloids, sterols and proteins in Maca can cooperate with Maca-ene and Maca-amide to regulate human hormone secretion.  

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