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Rice Protein Powder

Rice Protein Powder
1. Active Ingredients: Protein
2. Appearance: White fine powder
3. Used Part: Seed
4. Identification Method: TLC
5. Packaging: Drum
6. MOQ: 25kg
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Product Details

Rice protein powder is a vegetarian protein isolate that is an alternative to the more common whey and soy protein isolates. Brown rice can be treated with enzymes that will cause carbohydrates to separate from proteins. The resulting protein powder is then sometimes flavored or added to smoothies or health shakes. Rice protein is commonly mixed with pea protein powder. Rice protein is high in the sulfur-containing amino acids, cysteine and methionine, but low in lysine. Pea Protein, on the other hand, is low in cysteine and methionine but high in lysine. Thus, the combination of rice and pea protein offer a superior amino acid profile that is comparable to dairy or egg proteins, but without the potential for allergies or intestinal issues that some users have with those proteins. Moreover, the light, fluffy texture of pea protein tends to smooth out the strong, chalky flavor of rice protein.

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Product Introduction

Prodcut NameRice Protein Powder
Used PartSeed
Mesh Size80 mesh
Active IngredientsProtein
AppearanceWhite fine powder
GradeFood & Beverage/Cosmetic/Pharmaceutical/Health supplement
Identification MethodTLC
Shelf Life2 Years


AppearanceWhite fine powderComplies
Particle SizeNLT100 through 80 meshComplies
Protein ContentNLT 87.0%0.881
Moisture ContentNMT8.0%0.0334
Ash ContentNMT5.0%0.017
Bulk Density0.40-0.43g/cm30.43g/cm3
MelamineNMT0.25 mg/kgComplies
Aflatoxin B1NMT2.0 ug/kgComplies
Lead (Pb)NMT 0.5 mg/kg0.13 mg/kg
Arsenic (As)NMT0.1mg/kg0.045 mg/kg
Cadmium (Cd)NMT 1.0 mg/kg0.76 mg/kg
Mercury (Hg)NMT 0.05 mg/kg0.036 mg/kg
Total CountNMT10,000cfu/g1,000cfu/g
Yeasts & MoldsNMT100cfu/g50cfu/g


1. Rice protein quality is recognized as the leader in the cereal protein, which is rich in essential amino acids, the first limiting amino acid lysine content than others

2. Antihypertensive, cholesterol-lowering rice protein isolate useful as antihypertensive ingredients

3. Rice protein functional protein occur in the physical and chemical properties of food processing, cooking, storage and sales process

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1. Applied in food & beverage field
2. Applied in health product field
3. Applied in pharmaceutical field
4. Applied in cosmetics field

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Packaging & Delivery

1-5kgMore than 25kg
packed in an aluminum foil bag inside and paper carton outsidepacked in paper drum
Custom Design
Shelf LifeTwo years when properly stored
Storage: Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat

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Shipping Terms
By ExpressBy AirBy Sea

Suitable for under 50kg

Fast: 3-7 days

High cost

Door to door service

Easy to pick up the goods

Suitable for more than 50kg

Fast: 3-7 days

High cost

Port to port service

Professional broker needed

Suitable for more than 50kg

Fast: 3-7 days

Low cost

Port to port service

Professional broker needed

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