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Sodium Alginate

Sodium Alginate
1. Latin Name: Laminaria japonica
2. Appearance: Milk white powder
3. CAS No.: 9005-38-3
4. Molecular Formula: (C6H7NaO6)x
5. Molecular Weight: 216
6. MOQ: 25KG
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Product Details

Sodium alginate is a by-product of the extraction of iodine and mannitol from kelp or sargasso of brown algae. It is a natural polysaccharide with the stability, solubility, viscosity and safety required for pharmaceutical preparations. Sodium alginate has been widely used in the food industry and medicine.

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Product Introduction

Prodcut NameSodium Alginate
Latin NameLaminaria japonica
CAS No.9005-38-3
Molecular Formula(C6H7NaO6)x
Molecular Weight216
AppearanceMilk white powder
GradeFood & Beverage
Shelf Life2 Years


AppearanceMilk white powderComplies
Viscosity (mPa.s)600-700640
Mesh Size99.8% pass 80 meshComplies
PH Value6.0-8.06.91
TransparencyMeet the requirementComplies
Insoluble Matter in Water≤0.6%≤0.6%
Heavy Metal≤10ppm<10ppm

Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/gComplies
Yeast & Mould≤100cfu/gComplies
Pseudomonas AeruginosaAbsentAbsent


1. High coloration to save dye consumption

2. Wide range of applications

3. Simple and easy to operate

4. Remarkably to raise production efficiency and product quality. Suitable viscosity of shaping paste

5. In the color paste of PH5-13, this product does not occur condensation and hydration phenomenon, with good acid-resistance and electrolytic property,strong carrying capability and make dye fix on the fiber through various reactions

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1. Application on food

Sodium alginate is used as a stabilizer for ice cream instead of starch and gelatin. It can control the formation of ice crystals, improve the taste of ice cream, and stabilize mixed drinks such as sugar sorbet, ice sherbet and frozen milk.

2. Application in pharmaceutical preparations

Sodium alginate is used in some liquid medicines to enhance viscosity and improve suspension of solids. Propylene glycol alginate improves the stability of the emulsion.

3. Application of printing and spinning industry

Sodium alginate is used as a reactive dye paste in the printing and dyeing industry, superior to grain starch and other slurries. The printed textiles are brightly colored, with clear lines, high color yield, uniform color, good permeability and plasticity. Seaweed gum is the best slurry in modern printing and dyeing industry. It has been widely used in the printing of various fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk and nylon. It is especially suitable for the preparation of dyeing printing paste.

4. Application in the pharmaceutical industry

The PS type gastrointestinal double contrast barium sulfate preparation prepared by the alginate sulfate dispersing agent has the characteristics of low viscosity, fine particle size, good wall attachment property and stable performance.

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